Month: July 2014

Labor Saver Tip #1

All round spiral duct manufactured here at Air Equipment is pre-loaded with air.  As you handle and move your Round duct the air is automatically refreshed, thereby ensuring the your client always receives duct with the freshest possible supply of pre-loaded air.

Pardon Our Appearance

If you have visited us before you may know that our usual site has been under revision for some time due to changes made by our Web Host. Because of issues beyond our control we have decided to move to a new hosting provider and the site will continue be “Under Construction” for some time.  Please bear with us while these changes take effect.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Take advantage of Vibro-Acoustics value added Services.
The Vibro-Acoustics End Result Guarantee is a one-of-a-kind guarantee in the industry.  Lay-in Services, Integrated systems Approach, End Result Guarantee, Green Noise Control, Extreme Event Engineering (VISR), BIM Services.

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Spec the Leader

Spec the Leader – Spec Cook

Loren Cook Co. leads the competition in these important advances:

  • One of the first manufacturers in our industry with ISO 9001 certification
  • First to utilize the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) engineering software.
  • First with Lorenization, a superior, baked on, powder-coat paint system.
  • First with custom assembly and next day shipping on our 24hr Express Program.
  • First with a leading-edge, education center for advanced rep and customer training.
  • And the list goes on. . . .