IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics (formally Industrial Acoustics Company / IAC), who was instrumental in the development of noise control products, has closed their commercial noise control product lines which include acoustical doors, panels, medical booths, and all silencer products (industrial and HVAC).

This will create a shift in the industry. That being said, the Vibro-Acoustics team, which includes our 20 internal application engineers, are ready to assist – in any way possible – on projects in design or purchase to help fill applications or orders that have ceased with IAC.

Please keep in mind that we can assist with the following applications:

1. HVAC and industrial silencer products (both standard and custom)
2. Acoustical plenum panels or integrated systems with structural steel
3. Acoustical louvers ranging from 4” to 24” deep with various finish options available
4. Acoustical enclosures for various types of mechanical equipment
5. Outdoor applications such as rooftop units, air-cooled chillers, generators, and cooling towers