Basics of Fans & Blowers

We’ve just posted another presentation on the Air Equipment YouTube Channel. This five-part series is titled “The Basics of Fans & Blowers.” It is a modified Lunch & Learn program that discusses the following: different types of fan impellers, typical applications for various types of fans, an overview of fan curves and the Fan Laws, belt-drive fans vs. direct-drive fans, and ECM technology.

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Look for the five most recently uploaded videos, and also in the Created Playlists section, titled “Basics of Fans & Blowers.”

The goal of the Air Equipment YouTube channel is to offer informational videos about various commercial ventilation products and services. We hope to post new content each month or so. The channel also links to videos from some of the manufacturers we represent, along with assorted other entertaining content. Just click on the “Playlists” link.