Announcing…COOK Tools

Announcing New Smartphone App – CookTools…
CookTools is a new app providing a suite of simple-yet-powerful tools for the HVAC engineer, designer and contractor. Included in CookTools:

Fan Law Calculator – Calculate new system
operating conditions quickly and accurately with just
a few pieces of data.
Sound Calculator – Calculates sound power, sound
pressure and Noise Criteria from input of octave band
sound data.
Duct Designer – Knowing the CFM and one duct
dimension, Duct Designer will calculate allowable
rectangular and round duct dimensions to meet
your needs
Area Calculator – Computes section properties
of round and rectangular shapes.

From the main menu you also have access to all the Loren Cook Company social media channels and the mobile website. The smartphone has become the new toolbox. Add CookTools to yours!

CookTools is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Download it now!