Air Management and Accessories

Air Management and Accessories – Access Doors, Dampers, Louvers, Venting, Sensors and more…


AMPCO manufactures quality, multi-use, pressure stack
chimney exhaust systems for commercial applications,
including boilers, generators and kitchen grease duct.


Gripple is the market leader of wire joiners and tensioners for the agriculture and viticulture market and cable suspension solutions for the construction market.


We will develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative, quality heating and ventilation products.  Our focus is on continuous improvement in collaboration with our customers, employees, and suppliers while maximizing profitability to all.


A wide range of gas detection systems.
Honeywell Analytics manufactures a full and comprehensive range of products, setting the benchmark for the industry in terms of quality, functionality and ease of use.


Since 1902, Milcor has been providing the building products industry with quality items. Milcor offers a wide array of access products, including, interior access doors, roof access hatches, floor & sidewalk doors, and heat & smoke vents.


Roof Products and Systems (RPS) has been a leading innovator of prefabricated rooftop products since 1963. RPS offers a complete line of products that are ideal for any roofing job.


Since 1958, Ruskin is the name in air management solutions that engineers, architects and contractors rely on to make buildings safer, more energy efficient and comfortable.


With Altivar® variable frequency drives from Schneider Electric you can achieve energy savings of up to 70%, depending on the type of installation. The highest potential energy savings can be found on pumps, fans and compressors.


TSI provides a number of solutions in hospital settings, enhancing safety in a variety of applications.  Key products include Room Pressure Monitors for Hospital Isolation Rooms and Biomedical Flowmeters for testing ventilators and other devices.


More than 50 years of experience have taught Vibro-Acoustics even the best HVAC noise and vibration control products can do more harm than good when improperly applied. For that reason, Vibro-Acoustics focuses first and foremost on the proper application of our wide range of products